8 Tips for your Wedding Planning by Durango CO Photographers

So you recently got engaged and you’re all excited to start planning your wedding day. I can relate because I remember planning my wedding. It will be one of the happiest times of your life, but can also be stressful. I’ve put together 8 tips that might help you out (I’ve got 5 more, but I’ll put those in another post). My husband and I are Durango CO Photographers and we want you to have a wonderful wedding day:

  1. Have an Engagement Session: I can’t stress enough how important this is for you. Your photographer can do a good job at your wedding without an engagement session, but imagine if you do the engagement session and you, your fiance, and your photographer get to know each other pretty well. You’ll be more comfortable in front of the camera, you’ll be more relaxed, and have a better time at your wedding. The photographer learns how you move, how you interact with each other, what your hobbies are, and how you like your photographs edited (straight, vintage, colorful, black and white, etc). Now you’re going to have amazing wedding images. Also, you can use those engagement images for save the date cards and in a guest signing album that will wow your guests and you can proudly display it on your coffee table with all those well wishes family and friends have written in there for you.
  2. Don’t buy a dress that is too small: I know, I know, you’re going to diet and exercise and get into great shape to fit into that dress. It may or it may not happen. Life (and wedding planning) get in the way. If you do drop a few pounds, you can always have the dress tailored. If you don’t, well, your dress isn’t going to fit very well. Even when you buy a dress off the rack that fits, you will probably have to have some tailoring done just to tweak it to fit your body better. Please don’t buy a dress on line. I’ve heard all the horror stories.
  3. Schedule your ceremony for late in the afternoon: Bright sunshine coming directly down on your face is not very flattering (think raccoon eyes). A professional photographer can use a flash to
    offset that to some degree, but your images still won’t be as beautiful as we want them to be. Having your ceremony in a shaded area is also preferable to an open area. Late in the afternoon, when the sun is lower in the sky makes the lighting more beautiful. And we love beautiful light.
  4. Schedule more time for getting ready: Whatever amount of time you think it’s going to take to get your makeup and hair done and get into your dress, add another hour. Most weddings run late because it took longer to get ready than you thought.
  5. Allow more time for your photography: I don’t mean that you need hours, but if you want some of the photographs taken before the ceremony, see above #4. A First Look is a wonderful idea so we can have more time for the two of you. This is where the groom will be standing at the bottom of a stairway, at the end of a hall, or outside somewhere. The bride will come up behind him and turn him around to have a look at his future bride and you get to enjoy the view in private and he can tell you how beautiful you look. This adds a whole new set of images to your wedding album. The amount of time spent between the ceremony and reception for family portraits and bridal party portraits is very dependent on the size of the family/bridal party.
  6. Include your Personality: When couples include their hobbies and/or their jobs into their wedding, the images are so much better. They become very personal and make the wedding special to them. I love to photograph couples who have fun hobbies that we can include. Tell your photographer everything you like to do – you may be surprised at some of the ideas we can come up with.
  7. Make a back-up plan for bad weather: Yes, it does happen. I’ve been to outdoor weddings where it rained, got very cold, and even snowed (in June). Anything can happen here in Colorado. Make sure your venue has a tent they can set up if they don’t already have one. You may need large space heaters as well. Bring something to wear in between photos, like a shawl, jacket, or a cape.
  8. Include your future hubby: He may not think he has opinions on many parts of the wedding planning, but if you start showing him specific items (like two different types of flowers, two different djs or bands), he might just want to help.

Hope you enjoyed these tips. Stop back in for the other 5 that I’ll post later. Follow my blog for the rest of the story:) See the Follow button on the bottom right.

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