Amanda and Patrick’s Elopement by Photographers in Durango CO

Ken and I are photographers in Durango CO. We love to photograph weddings, elopements, families, high school seniors, and boudoir (I do the boudoir alone – haha).

Amanda and Patrick live in Texas, but wanted to get married in Durango because of all the beautiful scenery. They had never been to Durango or had any photographs taken of themselves, but they knew they loved the mountains. Since they didn’t know the area, they didn’t have a specific place in mind for their ceremony and I knew the perfect spot for them. They loved it!

Elopement in field of flowers by Photographers in Durango CO

Wedding Ceremony in field of flowers with mountains in background

Amanda had her hair done at Lemon Head Hair Salon in Durango, and when we got to the ceremony location, it was raining. According to the weather reports, it wasn’t supposed to start raining until later in the evening, but we can never trust those reports around here. Her hair didn’t last a minute, but she said Oh Well.

Bride and Groom kissing in beautiful scenery with rain by durango photographers

Bride and Groom kissing in the rain with beautiful scenery

Patrick proposed to Amanda in August of 2018. They had been together for 3 years, and didn’t want to wait any longer to be a married couple. She mentioned that they would like to move to Durango some day. I look forward to seeing them again if they do move here.

Their wedding rings are really unique and beautiful.

Groom putting ring on bride by photographers in durango co

Patrick putting the wedding ring on Amanda’s finger

Bride putting ring on groom's finger by photographers in durango co

Amanda putting wedding ring on Patrick’s finger

After the ceremony, the groom did a little dipping (the bride, of course). I brought a small table, table cloth, plate, knife, and champagne glasses, and they brought a cake and champagne. They fed each other cake, and toasted their new adventure.

Groom dipping the bride by photographers in durango co

Patrick dipping Amanda in the field of flowers

Bride and Groom feeding each other cake by durango photographers

Amanda and Patrick taste the cake

Newly wedded couple toast with champagne by durango co photographers

Amanda and Patrick drink to wedded bliss

Then Patrick threw Amanda over his shoulder and walked down the muddy road. Both of them were so happy!

Groom throws bride over shoulder by durango co photographers

Patrick carrying Amanda over his shoulder

After having fun in the field of flowers with the rain, we went a ways down the mountain to an old wooden cattle fencing area. They did their first dance, some more kissing, and he whispered sexy things in her ear.

Bride and Groom kissing by old fence by durango wedding photographers

Amanda and Patrick kiss right after their first dance

Groom whispering sexy things in bride's ear by durango co photographers

Patrick is whispering sexy things in her ear

Next we headed over to a lake, where we got some awesome photos of the water, the mountains, and the new mr. and mrs.

Bride and Groom on large rock by lake by durango photographers

Patrick and Amanda relaxing on a large rock by the lake

Hope you enjoyed the story of this elopement by Karen and Ken Skelly, Photographers in Durango CO.

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