Animas High School Graduation by Durango Photographers

I’ve been photographing the Animas High School Graduation in Durango CO for quite a few years now and it’s always a fun and exciting day. My husband and I are Durango Photographers, and he helps me get all of the graduating seniors in the right positions and then holds one of the flashes with umbrella. I have a teacher hold the other one because I need two to light the faces of all of these students.

We photograph the large group in the morning, then do a practice run for the actual graduation ceremony at the Ft Lewis College auditorium.  Then we come back in the evening to photograph each student with their diploma. I also do some candid photos during the ceremony, and finish off with the kids throwing their caps in the air.

This year was a smaller class than usual. In past years there have been 50-60 students and this year there was around 40. They expect next year to be back up to 60 kids. We offer the parents many options to purchase memories of their senior’s portraits. The most popular item is called a Memory Mate. It includes a photo of the class group taken in the morning, a inset of the student holding their diploma, along with their name and year of graduation. The Animas High School logo is also included. I’ve posted a sample of this Memory Mate below. They can also purchase prints of just their son or daughter in several different sizes.

We also give the school an 8×10 print of the class group which they frame and hang on the wall in the hallway near the principal’s office. They’re probably going to run out of room on that wall in a few years – haha.

Please enjoy these photos.

Graduation Class Photo by Photographers in Durango CO, Durango Photographers, Durango Photography

AHS Graduating Class of 2018

Silly Graduating Class Photo by Photographers in Durango CO, Durango CO Photographers, Durango Photography

Silly Photo of AHS Graduating Class of 2018

Graduating Class and Student Photo by Durango CO Photographers, Photographers in Durango CO, Durango Photography

Memory Mate of Graduating Class of 2018 Animas High School

Graduating Class throwing caps by Durango Photography, Durango Photographers, Photographers in Durango CO

AHS Graduating Class throwing their caps in the air

We also photograph high school senior portraits, weddings, family portraits, and boudoir. Give us a call at 970.884.5292 to set up a session.

Thanks, Karen

Karen Skelly Photography

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