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Photographers in Durango CO have 5 Makeup Tips for Your Wedding Day

My husband and I are photographers in Durango CO and we specialize in weddings, family portraits, high school seniors, and boudoir. These makeup tips are geared towards couples getting married, but they’re also applicable to all other types of sessions.     I highly suggest that a makeup artist be used for your wedding day. … Read more »

Have you ever wanted to do a Boudoir Session? Get in touch with Durango CO Boudoir Photographer

My husband and I usually work together when photographing weddings and portraits. However, this Durango CO Boudoir Photographer sends hubby away when I’m photographing beautiful women during a boudoir session. I know I wouldn’t be particularly comfortable with a man hanging around while I’m in lingerie or half naked (or fully naked for those brave… Read more »

Wedding Boudoir Session by Boudoir Photographer in Durango CO

Being a Boudoir Photographer in Durango CO is a rather novel form of photography. I know of only a couple of other photographers who do this genre. I love it – it is just so much fun and I love making ladies feel beautiful. This lovely lady has a job that prohibits me from posting… Read more »

Durango Boudoir Session to Gift Hubby on Wedding Night

This lovely lady scheduled a boudoir session with me in Durango CO because she was getting married soon and wanted to give her new husband a gift he could never forget and enjoy for the rest of their lives. She has 3 young boys and was worried about her tummy, but she works out at… Read more »