Durango CO Photographers do emergency family portrait

My husband and I are Durango CO Photographers where the mountains are high, the snow is plentiful, and the grass is green (at least during the summer).

I received a phone call from Elisha who wanted to have photographs taken of her family, which includes her boyfriend Steven, and their son Yuri. They live 3 hrs away from us, but wanted to do the session the next day and were more than willing to make the drive. You see, their son was due to have surgery the day after the session to correct the shape of his forehead and they wanted photos of him before. I was more than willing to get them set up.

Mom, Dad, and baby with snowy mountains by photographers in durango co

Elisha, Steven, and Yuri

They like to watch tv together, with Yuri being a screamer, and Steven laughing all the time, that might be difficult. Elisha is the calming effect on the family. Elisha like to bake and read, while Steven like to play on line games and listen to music. This is the first time they’ve had a family portrait taken.

Mom, Dad, and baby walking across bridge by durango co photographers

The family walking across a bridge

We went to three different locations so they would have lots of variety in their portraits. They love them.

Mom holding up laughing baby by durango photographers

Elisha holding up a laughing Yuri

Yuri was a very cooperative baby.

Dad kissing baby's cheek by photographers in durango co

Steven kissing Yuri on the check

They wanted to sit on these rocks even though they were covered in snow and ice. They’re sitting on a coat and plastic garbage bag that I brought for that purpose.

Mom, Dad, and baby sitting on rock by river by durango photography

Elisha, Steven, and Yuri sitting on rocks by the riverBy the last stop on our photo journey, Elisha and Steven had both gotten cold enough to put their coats on – and it was cold outside.

Mom, Dad, and baby in winter scenery by durango photography

Elisha, Steven, and Yuri braving the cold

Thanks for reading this post.

Luv, Karen

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