Fall Portrait Clothing Ideas by Photographers in Durango CO

My husband, Ken, and I are photographers in Durango CO. We photograph families, high school seniors, weddings, and boudoir (well, I photograph Boudoir – the hubby goes somewhere else:).

Fall is the most popular time of year for family and high school senior portraits, and even for weddings. Everybody loves the brilliant yellows and reds that come along with the trees changing their colors. As photographers in Durango CO we also love the fall colors and suggesting clothing for those sessions is what we do so that your portraits turn out gorgeous.

These are a couple of photos showing a high school senior girl in a gray dress with a scarf, and another in a maroon sweater.

High School Senior girl with sign by durango photographers

Senior girl in gray dress with scarf

High School Senior girl with fall colors by photographers in durango co

Senior girl with maroon sweater and jeans

Here’s a couple of family portraits. The first one wasn’t actually taken in the fall, but the colors of their clothing is great. Blues, turquoise, green, maroon, purples, browns, and violets are awesome colors for fall portraits.

Family posing with mountains by durango photographers

Family in different complimentary colors

Family portrait in the fall by photographers in durango co

Family portrait with browns, golds, and maroons

Here’s another high school senior girl that dressed for success (haha) and for fall portraits.

high school senior girl with reflection in water by durango co photographers

High School senior girl dressed in tan, white, and maroon for fall portraits

High school senior girl by river with fall colors by durango co photographers

Senior girl in white and black by the river with fall colors

High School senior girl sitting on ground with fall leaves by durango photography

Senior girl in maroon and black with yellow fall leaves

I’m posting lots of family and senior photos taken during the fall because it’s always easier for people to envision their own portraits when they can see visual information. Here’s another family portrait taken with their six fur babies.

Family with their 6 fur babies by durango co photographers

Family in yellows and blues for their fall portraits

What I really love with family and senior portraits are when people use layering. Things like scarves, pretty sweaters or jackets, boots, and jewelry make those pictures so special. Here’s a few photos of clothing choices that I found on Pinterest.


Clothing ideas for fall portraits by durango co photographers

Neutral colors for fall portraits

Clothing choices for fall portraits by photographers in durango co

Clothing choices in blues, beiges, and browns

Fall portrait clothing choices by durango photography

Clothing choices in grays and violets

Fall clothing choices for portraits by durango co photographers

Clothing choices in golds, beiges, and maroons

When choosing your own clothing, lay them out on a bed to make sure the colors go well together. This is just a guide – you can choose the colors that you like.

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