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Tent set up for a wedding reception


These are great tips for anyone getting married.  I know lots of couples don’t think about many of these points, but they can make or break your day.

I’ve photographed quite a few weddings that were planned in the middle of the day in the blazing sun.  Not only are the guests uncomfortable, but the sun on faces causes those lovely raccoon eyes and blotchy patches.  Photographers can do some things to help out with that, but the images are still going to be less than beautiful.

My tips here are following their tips, just in a shorter version.

  1.  If your venue doesn’t already have a tent, make sure to rent one. You never know what the weather will be like on your wedding day. If you are getting married in Durango CO, check out Durango Party Rentals:
  2.  The wind can cause lots of havoc. I’ve photographed a couple of weddings where decor was blown over or away (think archways, runners, and floral arrangements).
  3.  If you can schedule your wedding for early evening, the sun will usually be lower and not so hot. The lighting for the couples photographs are also much nicer in the evening.
  4.  If you need shuttle service for a wedding in Durango CO, check out or
  5.  If you have a caterer and/or dj, it’s great if they can include the photographer in the timeline for the day. We don’t want to hold up dinner. If you don’t have either of those, we can help with the timeline to make sure things keep moving the way you want them to. My favorite DJ is Steve at
  6. Make sure you talk to your florist about the best floral arrangement for the season and your budget. Check with April’s Garden at, or Cindy at
  7. Your wedding dress will probably get dirty if you have an outdoor wedding, so just be prepared and go with the flow. We try to make sure it doesn’t get dirty after the ceremony and will ask the maid of honor or groom to help hold it up until we get to a spot to do portraits. Yes, many girls have experienced the high heel sinking into the ground problem. p.s. I love birdcage veils.
  8. Chocolate is always a great gift for guests.
  9. Bathrooms are a necessity. If you’re the bride, remember to use it before you put your dress on – it will be more difficult later, especially if it’s a port-a-john.
  10. My own tip is to have your hair and makeup people come an hour earlier than you think you need them. Many run late and take longer than you think.

Go check out the article and then if you need more help, give me a call at 970.884.5292 or email me at

Luv, Karen

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