Fun Family Portraits by Photographers in Durango CO

The Boles family live in Texas, but like many other Texans, they love the mountains in Colorado and hired my husband and I, who are Photographers in Durango CO, to capture their family in those mountains.

This group is like the Brady Bunch (If you don’t know that show, look it up). There are 3 boys and 3 girls and they’re a blended family. They’re all silly, goofy, and so much fun. Rob is the dad, and Lisa is the mom.

Family Portrait by photographers in durango co

Family portrait with mountains in the background

I cracked up looking at the husband’s face during this group hug.

Family Group hug by durango co photographers

Family group hug

They wanted to have this family portrait taken because it was the dad’s birthday, and the two older boys (the one with the long hair, and the one with the beard), are headed off to boot camp. Yeah, he’s gonna miss that hair – haha.

Blended family kids portrait by durango photographers

All the Kids in a Row

Rob’s kids usually spend the summer with their mother, so this is the first time they’ve all been together in 10 yrs. I love it that they chose to have portraits taken because that’s an awesome way to remember your time together.

Dad with all his kids by photographers in durango co

Rob with his kids

Lisa has two boys that live with them, although the oldest is heading off to join the navy.

Mom with her two boys by durango co photographers

Lisa with her two boys

The girls chose to pose this way, and I was happy to capture it because it’s fun and goofy.

Dad with his daughters by photographers in durango co

Rob with his 3 Girls acting goofy

All of the kids love to have fun and act silly.

Teens posing silly by photographers in durango co

Teen kids posing silly

This group pose isn’t silly, but I like it because it’s relaxed and they’re all happy. Nice pyramid shape!

Family posing informally by durango photographers

The group in a relaxed happy pose

Of course, we also had to do a pose with just Rob and Lisa, the newly married happy couple.

Husband and wife portrait by photographers in durango co

Lisa kissing Rob’s cheek

The whole family took a walk in the field while holding hands to show their unity as a strong family. Even though they’re not all related by blood, they love each other very much.

Family group walking in a field by durango photographers

The whole family walking and holding hands

If you need a family portrait, a high school senior portrait, or have a wedding coming up, get in touch with me.

Luv, Karen

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