Hasson Family Portraits by Durango CO Photographers

Ken and I are Durango CO Photographers and we actually photograph a lot of clients who come here from other locations. The Hasson Family came from Texas. The largest amount of our clients actually come from Texas. They love our mountains and other beautiful scenery.

Family portrait by a lake by durango co photographers

The family by a lake with mountains in the background

The Hassons are a blended family. The two older kids have high functioning autism. Mom told me they don’t like having pictures taken, but they were great! I believe mom and dad met at an autism function because the young lady is dad’s daughter, and the young man is mom’s son. They’re all athletic and love to camp together, as well as to the beach. They have family portraits taken every year to show the growth of their family.

Five kids by a lake with mountains by durango photographers

The five kids by the lake

We took photos of all the kids together, each kid separate, mom and dad separate, dad with his kids, and mom with her kids. They loved all the variety and having each person have their own photograph.

Husband and wife kissing by lake by durango co photographers

Mom and Dad having a loving moment

Three of the kids live with their mom in another part of Texas, so this blended family only gets together on school breaks, so it’s special for them to take a vacation and have portraits taken.

Family on bench near lake by photographers in durango co

Sitting on a bench by the lake

They only wanted to go to one location, so we found a few spots around the lake so they had some variety. I usually take clients to three locations for lots of variety. For this next photo, they changed shirts and held hands while walking and laughing. I love this one.

Family holding hands and laughing by durango co photographers

Family holding hands and laughing

Thanks for looking and if you need family portraits, high school senior portraits, or have a wedding coming up, get in touch.

Luv, Karen

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