McClure Family Portraits by Photographers in Durango CO

Mindy McClure contacted me through Facebook after asking Visit Durango for recommendations. Visit Durango is our tourism office and they often recommend us as Photographers in Durango CO. I love them!

The McClure family lives in Texas and wanted to visit Durango just like thousands of other Texans do every year. They are a family of 9 adults and 2 kiddos. We did the portraits at the house they were renting while they were visiting, which is facing the beautiful red rocks of Durango. Here we have the grandparents in the center standing, one of their daughters and her husband and son also standing. Sitting are her other daughter, her husband, their two little kiddos and the other older brothers.

Family reunion portrait by durango co photographers

Family reunion portrait

We did breakdowns of each of the family groups. This is the mom, dad, and their 3 boys.

Mom, Dad, and 3 boys by durango co photographers

My Three Sons:)

Then the older parents with their two grown daughters.

Mom, Dad, and 2 grown daughters by durango co photographers

Older parents with their two daughters

This is the younger family with their little girl and little boy.

Mom, Dad, little boy, and little girl by durango photography

Mom, Dad, and two little kids

And, of course, the little girl wanted to jump off the rock. She’s adorable!

Little girl jumping off rock by durango photography

Little girl jumping off rock

And the final picture of My Three Sons – okay, you have to be old enough to understand that one! Google it if you don’t know what I’m talking about – haha.

Three young men by durango co photographers

My Three Sons

Thanks for taking a look.

Luv Karen

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