Monica and Roger’s Engagement Session by Durango CO Photographers

My husband Ken and I are photographers in Durango CO. Couples love to have their engagement sessions and weddings take place in Durango and photographed by Karen Skelly Photography – Durango CO Photographers.

Monica and Roger have been together for 14 years and have two kiddos. It’s about time they got married, right? Their kids are Roger Jr, aged 11 and Karla, aged 8.

They had never had any family portraits of themselves, so we included some family photos with their engagement photos.

Engaged couple with their kids by durango co photographers

Engaged couple with their Kids

Roger Sr. works in construction, and Monica does bookkeeping at City Market South. Roger Jr. likes to play games on the computer, and Karla is a girly girl – she likes pink.

Family walking across bridge by durango co photographers

Family walking across bridge

Monica’s mom passed away shortly before this engagement session, so I suggested that she bring a framed photograph of her mom (maybe a wedding photo) to their wedding. She thought that was a great idea.

Engaged couple snuggling by durango co photographers

Roger and Monica being lovey dovey

They were married on 8.24.19 (I know I’m behind in blog posts about my clients:), so I made this Save The Date sign for them. They used several of their engagement photos for their Wedding Invitations.

Engaged couple with Save The Date sign by durango co photographers

Save The Date chalkboard sign

We were down by the river with lots of big rocks, so what’s better than sitting on the rocks enjoying the river and the surrounding beauty of Durango CO?

Engaged couple sitting on rocks by durango co photographers

Roger and Monica enjoying the river and beauty of Durango

There’s this cool tree on the Animas River Trail right by the river that I think is pretty cool. Sometimes I have kids climb into the tree, but this time I just wanted the couple to gaze into each other’s eyes thinking about their upcoming wedding.

Engaged couple lean against tree and gaze into each other's eyes by durango photography

Roger and Monica gazing into each other’s eyes

There’s also a lovely gazebo in the park and the steps make a perfect spot to have them sit and show off her engagement ring.

Engaged couple showing ring by durango co photographers

Monica showing off her engagement ring

Thanks for looking and Long Live Love!

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