Senior Portrait and Family Session by Durango Photographers

The Jaramillo family lives in the same subdivision where my husband and I live. We’re Durango Photographers and they wanted to have senior portraits taken of their son, Derrian. They were also interested in doing family portraits, so we combined them into one session.

High school senior fly fishing by durango photographers

Derrian fly fishing in the lake

Derrian’s favorite past time when he’s not in school is to go fly fishing. He also loves to participate in wrestling in school, and skateboarding after school. He’s a great kid with a very sweet and kind personality.

High school senior leaning on fence by photographers in durango co

Derrian leaning on a white picket fence

His favorite movie is A River Runs Through It, which should be no surprise since the movie is about fly fishing. The music that he prefers is rap, rock, and country.

High school senior leaning on old barn by durango photographers

Derrian leaning on an old barn


He had to choose some of the images to put on his Graduation Announcement, and this was one of his choices. The old barn is pretty cool, and the grass was really tall.

High School senior sitting on chair by barn by durango photography

Derrian sitting on a chair in front of the old barn

In between doing Derrian’s senior portraits, the whole family was photographed at different locations. Derrian’s parents are Mario and Meagan. He has a sister, and two younger brothers. The whole family was awesome. The fall colors were so gorgeous.

Fall family portrait by photographers in durango co

The whole family with beautiful fall colors

We took photos of each of the kids separately, and the parents together without the kids. This little guy just loved his new stick – haha.

Little boy with a big stick by photographers in durang co

Little guy with a Big Stick

The whole family was also photographed at this lake.

Family portrait by a lake by photographers in durango co

The family sitting by a lake

Everybody in the family loves the outdoors, including camping, hiking, and fishing. They loved the portraits showing their personality, and their love for lakes, mountains, and old barns.

If you need family portraits, high school senior portraits, or have a wedding coming up, get in touch with us.

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