Wedding with Bride, Groom, and Baby by Durango Photographers

Katherine and Hunter live in the Denver area, but Katherine lived in Durango for a decade or so and loves the area. She hired my husband and I, who are Durango Photographers, to capture the special memories on their wedding day, which was held at Silverpick Lodge.

They met while both lived in an apartment complex in Denver. Hunter lived in the apartment below Katherine (I picture her dancing above him). He proposed in August of 2017 and they’ve been together for 3.5 yrs. They were walking their dog in the park across the street from where they lived, and he proposed to her then and there.

Bride and Groom sharing a joke by durango photographers

Bride and Groom sharing a joke

They had just had a baby girl around 4 months before the wedding. The cute little thing’s name is Alma Moon. How awesome is that? Here she is with her flower head piece. Katherine is a proud mama.

Bride with her baby at wedding by durango photographers

Katherine with Alma Moon

The wedding ceremony got held up for a while because everything was set up outside, but it started to rain. Of course, in Colorado, the weather changes every half hour, so sure enough it stopped (or at least slowed to a drizzle) after about 45 minutes. So, the ceremony went on as planned and nobody got overly wet.

These are photos of the bride and groom both laughing at jokes made by the officiant, who is a friend of theirs.

Groom laughing at officiant's joke by durango photographers

Hunter laughing at the officiant’s joke

Bride laughing at officiant's joke by durango photographers

Katherine laughing at another joke – the officiant was a funny guy

After the ceremony, we headed up a trail on top of a hill where the views are spectacular. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes were out in full force so we all had to use mosquito repellent to keep from getting eaten alive. The bride, groom, wedding party, and family were all great even though the mosquitoes didn’t always obey the rules.

Wedding party doing a cancan dance by durango photographers

Wedding party doing the cancan

After the whole wedding party, the groomsmen got into a little fun by holding up the groom.

Groomsmen holding the groom by durango photographers

Groomsmen and ring bearer holding up the groom

The bride and her ladies had a little fun by talking and laughing among themselves.

Bride and her ladies laughing and talking by durango photographers

Bride and her ladies talking and laughing

After the wedding party went back to the reception area (they were so happy to get away from the mosquitoes), we photographed Katherine and Hunter by themselves.

Bride hugging groom from behind by durango photographers

Katherine choking Hunter (just kidding) – she’s HUGGING him


Bride kissing groom's cheek by durango co photographers

A little cheek nibble

Bride and Groom snuggle with bouquet by photographers in durango co

A little snuggle with the bouquet in front and mountains in background

Thank you for reading this blog post, and if you need a Durango Photographer for your wedding, family portrait, high school senior portrait, or boudoir portraits, get in touch.

Luv, Karen

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